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 What upgrade paths does Windows XP support

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PostSubject: What upgrade paths does Windows XP support   Sun Sep 02, 2007 2:22 am

A. XP Home Edition and XP Professional are available in full and
upgrade versions. If you're upgrading from a qualifying OS, you can
purchase the less-expensive upgrade version; otherwise, you need to
purchase the full version. However, even if you purchase the full
version, XP doesn't support all upgrade paths. Review the following
table to determine whether XP supports your upgrade path:

Current Version Win XP Home Win XP Pro

Win 3.1/3.11 No No

Windows 95 No No

Windows 98/98SE Yes Yes

Windows ME Yes Yes

Windows NT 3.51 No No

Windows NT 4.0 No Yes

Windows 2000 Pro No Yes

Windows XP Home N/A Yes

Windows XP Pro No N/A
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What upgrade paths does Windows XP support
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