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 change your N73 to music edition add N70and N80

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change your N73 to music edition add N70and N80 Empty
PostSubject: change your N73 to music edition add N70and N80   change your N73 to music edition add N70and N80 Icon_minitimeSun Sep 02, 2007 1:10 am

change your N73 to music edition add N70and N80

i update my phone to ME and ites very good so i will tell what i did to do this mybe it will help more pepole

1-get a progream name (NEMESIS SERVICE SUITE V you can get it from this sitwww.http://www.b-phreaks.co.uk/NSSDownloadLanding.htm
2-after you make it setup on your pc open it press scan for new device icon top on rihgt and he will serch for your phone

2-in the same page press (ENABLE) down in the right also then press the key that shown a mobile photo it writen on it (PHONE INFO) this key will take you to other page in this page you can see key name (SCAN)press it you can see after you do this some infromation about your phone in this page

3- what we need here the info in the box on the right on this page name of this box is (PRODACTION DATE EDIT) that what we need in this box you will find 5 lines what we need to edit only frist line name (PRODUCT CODE)so we will market (ENABLE)and we will delet the old Number and then we will but this No ( 0539295)and press (WRITE)key in the same box

4-after that we will press the key (READ)so the info in this box it will be update make sure that the Number is change to the new number
so when you see that the number in the (PRODUCT CODE)is now is 0539295 dont forget to marke the (PRODUCT CODE) as (ENABLE)befor you make your change and after you finch you can press read agin to make afinel sure that the number is change

5-close this applicaton and make sure ites colsed

6-your phone now is ready if you have (NOKIA SOFTWEAR UPDATE) open it and make it serch for new update and he will find update so buck up all your phone memory and go ahead or if not understand this one go to www.nokia.com and go for softwear and support and he will guide you what to do so choce update for N73 and go then your phone now is music edition if you have any proplem tell me and i will try to help you i wish all pepole can understand thank you for readig .

7-for N80 Internet Edition as far as i hear the black one is the Internet Edition and the silver is normal but any way same setup but change the PRODUCT CODE)to number (0539672)Internet EditionN80 RM-92 V4.0632.0.38
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change your N73 to music edition add N70and N80
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